About Families in Transition

Addressing a growing need in Australia’s Family Business Sector

The Family Business Sector in Australia makes up more than 70% of all businesses and faces a significant problem in the years to come. Statistically, 81% of current business owners want and need to transition their business, their assets and their wealth to the next generation. In most cases though, they do not know how to start this journey, how to have the right conversations and how to set the Family and Business up to succeed in the long term. Many Families facing this dilemma have never experienced a succession or transition process and require assistance.

Our passion is to help you develop a sustainable future for tomorrow’s generation, by guiding good conversations and decision making today.

More Questions than Answers?

Do you often wonder about the following?

  • How do we protect our Family Wealth and share it fairly?
  • How do we get ourselves better organised for tomorrow?
  • How do I prepare the next generation to be good shareholders or executives?
  • Do my children want to be involved and are they ready for that?
  • How do we create good Family Conversations?

Often in business, these important questions are brushed aside to be dealt with at another time, mostly because it is emotionally too difficult to address them or the next steps for the business to take are not immediately obvious.

Families in Transition work to assist you in answering the important questions within a desirable time frame.

Susanne Bansgrove
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Susanne Bansgrove

Susanne Bransgrove has a long-standing passion for the Family Business Sector and her vision and experience has been instrumental in creating Families in Transition.

Positive Advice
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Take a step

If a genuine desire exists to create a sustainable future for current and future generations, then we can help in facilitating the right conversations and creating frameworks that can answer all your questions.

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