Our Approach

Manageable steps with sustained growth along the journey

Families in Business often pose many questions regarding the journey ahead. Key questions such as how to sustain the business/improve it into the future and how the following generations can be part of this journey without destroying the family fabric or the business itself?

Families in Transition help you establish workable frameworks by breaking the business down into small, manageable steps.

Families in Transition work to shape this journey with you

Supporting you is our motivation

At Families in Transition, the support we provide for Families in Business is not simply work – Our desire to better support a sector that is often not well understood and underservices is what motivates us.

We are passionate about creating a sustainable future for tomorrow’s generation by guiding good conversations and decision making today.

Susanne Bransgrove is tireless in her advocacy to provide better service and understanding of the Family Business Sector, which is so critical to this country.

In short, if you want to work with somebody who lives and breathes Family Business, then you have come to the right place.

“Working with Susanne has enlightened me to the importance of quality conversations on the purpose of wealth for both the business and family. Understanding the motivation, intention and legacy is key to the succession process.”

Stacey Martin, Trusted Authority on Wealth Strategies, NAB Private Wealth



Our approach is built on many years of being part of a Family Business, listening to and working with Families in Business.

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