Family Business Support

At Families In Transition, we carefully listen to you, before we guide and facilitate the transition process to allow a harmonious relationship of Family and Business. Our approach is built on many years of being part of a Family Business, listening to and working with Families in Business.

Families in Transition work to shape this journey with you

The journey includes 6 steps:

1.) Understanding the Family Dynamic
2.) Understanding the Business
3.) Setting up the Right Frameworks
4.) Starting the right Conversations
5.) Creating Momentum
6.) A long Term Sustainable Solution

Each step involves various conversations, processes and decision making and whilst we do know that our approach achieves the right outcomes, we understand that each Family is unique and changing the process to better suit your needs is never an issue.

Advisor Support

A selection of our specialised services are extremely important if your family is to survive and succeed in business for any substantial period of time.

A transactional, solution based conversation can be confrontational for the Family, even if the service offered is the logical choice and beneficial for the family and the business.

Families In Transition can help you bridge the gap by developing the essential conversations that will help you and your Family Business Clients connect on a deeper level.

“Susanne displays great empathy with her clients and easily understands their needs and goals. In relation to Families in Business, she is able to see and foster the necessary cultural fit between the parties. She has the determination and drive to achieve the outcomes needed. A great person to work with.”

Graham Thomsen

Business Governance

If you are looking to improve business strategy, performance and output, Families in Transition can develop suitable frameworks to help achieve success.

“Susanne is a remarkably accomplished woman in finance, management and governance. She operates at the highest level of professionalism but with a friendly touch to build empathy
without which little progress can be made in any business relationship I commend her most highly to any Boards looking to get consultancy advice on recruiting directors with talent.”

Peter Janssen, Lawyer, Corporate First Lawyers

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Susanne Bransgrove is an accomplished speaker, who has been invited as Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Panel Expert by various organisations, covering a range of topics.

Below are some of the areas of expertise that she has been invited to contribute to:

  • Wealth and Family Relationships – the complex nature of Family Relationships
  • Family Communication and Managing Relationships across Generations
  • Women in Leadership – Promoting your Personal Brand with Confidence
  • Challenges faced by Entrepreneurial Women
  • Entrepreneurial Risk Taking

If you need a speaker, who is not afraid to share her thoughts and emotions and truly adds value to the audience, please contact Families in Transition.

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