Profile – Susanne Bansgrove

Susanne Bransgrove has a long-standing passion for the Family Business Sector and her vision and experience has been instrumental in creating Families in Transition.

Passion, vision and experience

Susanne Bransgrove has a passion for this sector and her vision and experience has been instrumental in creating the services offered by FIT.

As the third generation of a German family business, Susanne’s personal story speaks to the experiences of many ‘next gen’ members in family businesses. After struggling to forge her own identify within the family and be respected and included in family business matters, she built a successful career in the finance industry with Executive roles at both Macquarie Bank and ANZ in Australia and Commerzbank Bremen in Germany. As one of the Founders of Amplifi Governance, she assisted many family businesses to establish boards that were a good strategic and cultural fit. After spending the last 18 months researching and collaborating with family business specialists across Europe and the US she has brought all her knowledge and skill into FIT to create the best solutions for Families in Business.

“Susanne truly understands business and is passionate about establishing the right frameworks that can provide sustainability and balance and also represent the values and culture of the owners and leaders.”

Debbie Richardson, Marketing for CEOs

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If a genuine desire exists to create a sustainable future for current and future generations, then we can help in facilitating the right conversations and creating frameworks that can answer all your questions.

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