You can choose your Friends…..

…..but, as you guessed already, you can’t choose your Family!

To complicate matters, if the Family is also in Business together, it is not as easy as just keeping your distance if there should be some family conflict or disagreements. Somehow, the conflict needs to be resolved to ensure the Family and the Business can survive and hopefully prosper for generations to come.

When it comes to resolving some of the issues though, what should come first?

The Family or The Business?

No doubt, at first glance, the answer appears to be a simple one and everybody reading the question will easily decide that one or the other should come first.

Once you start delving into this quandary however, it becomes obvious that it is not as easy as choosing one over the other. It is a very delicate matter that requires careful assessment of the circumstances and stakeholders involved.

I have been lucky enough to have been supporting Families in Business with just this question and shared my thoughts and experience on this topic at the event below last October:

The Private & Family Enterprise Exchange ) Thursday 8 October 2015 at Sydney Olympic Park.

The day was carefully designed to provide Family Businesses with the appropriate knowledge and connections to enable them to meet the challenges ahead or capitalise on opportunities presented to them and the program includes some of Australia’s most successful Family Business Leaders.

So, if you would like to know what my answer to the question was, then get in touch.